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What's a Twunch?

Twunch is lunch, twitter-style: twitterers gather without ceremony at a place to talk about the things that make them tick. The location is a restaurant where one can eat fast, cheap and without bookings.

Stay informed about new twunches via RSS, or in your calendar via iCal. iPhone owners can also use the twunch app by @cimm and @fousa. People that have an Android can use @litrik's Android app, and BlackBerry users can enjoy the app by @shadowmedia. @Depechie created the Windows Phone app and the Windows Store app.

If you want to come, you send a reply @twunch. That way, your fellow twunchers know to wait (for a little while)

You too can propose a twunch.

To make it easier for others to find you, you can print this and put it on the table.

To make it easier to find one another on other social network sites, we created this group on LinkedIn, this group on Netlog, and this group on Facebook.

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